La fonte du temps

The anti-visual pleasure originated from anti-feminine mentalities, forbidding passionate gestures. Photography introduced a novel interest in fashion and romantic posture; a completely foreign concept. This inevitably introduced a new era for marriage ceremonies and love affairs. Forty-five photographs are encased in ice, installed on wooden stands fixed to the wall, triggering the audience’s sense of curiosity, memory and expectation. These frozen photographs are encased in 12x12x3cm ice cubes, melting before the audience’s eyes. Each frozen photo reacts differently to the water when they emerge from the ice and all melt at a different pace. Depending on the temperature, it takes between two to four hours for all images to be liberated. In a final twist, some of the shriveled paper could drop to a puddle. The installation is 500x110cm on the wall and 110cm on the ground, so water can drip onto it.

Photos by: Laurent Guiraud